Permanent Concrete Tire Wash System

Permanent Concrete Tire Wash System

  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash
  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash
  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash
  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash
  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash
  • Permanent Concrete Tire Wash

Stanton Systems is known in the construction industry for our widely popular truck tire and wheel washing systems. There are several options for this technology, including portable systems designed for contractors and other businesses with the need to move their truck washing systems from place to place, and options for off-road heavy-duty trucks. A permanent concrete tire wash system is ideal for fixed, ongoing operations that require a swift, efficient, and cost-effective method to remove mud from truck tires.

Concrete based tire wash systems are built to perform over continuous years of use, even up to 20 to 30 years. A concrete wash rack is engineered to handle trucks of all sizes and weights and performs well even with a high volume of truck traffic. Water and soil flows are managed once they are cleaned from the trucks and diverted into a concrete poured-in-place water tank. The time required to pour a concrete tank is approximately 1 month.

Stanton Tirewash has different truck washing systems to suit your application. Used in the largest landfills and Quarries in America, the STB 200 Truck Wash systems are designed to handle the most challenging cleaning jobs and can remove mud from truck tires with automated efficiency. All tanks come with an OSHA-approved safety railing, and the concrete wash rack can be equipped with steel splash walls or enclosed within a steel building. For the safe and easy flow of traffic, signal lights can be added to the facility.

Don’t let your vehicles leave the jobsite dirty. Whether you need a portable tire washing system or a more permanent concrete tire wash system, these innovative and convenient tire wash systems keep your fleet running clean and save valuable time and money over manual cleaning methods. Contact our sales department for more details about our concrete based tire wash at 1-800-884-9281 or 215-956-9800.

Compare our systems

The Green Machine
5 horsepower
  • Lighty Dirty Construction Sites
  • Dust Removal
  • Decon Stations
STB 75
75 horsepower
  • Large Construction Sites
  • Medium Size Landfills
  • Medium Size Quarries
STB 100
100 horsepower
  • Large Landfills
  • Large Quarries
  • Mining Sites

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Don't forget our Portable Tire Wash comes with a 5 year warranty and installs in only one day!

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