Portable Tire Wash STB 30

Find out why the Portable STB 30 is the most effective Tire Wash System for combating Track Out and dust problems on YOUR job site.

  • STB 30 Tire Wash
  • Portable STB 30 Tire Wash

Track Out has become some of the more expensive issues in operating a responsible construction project. Eliminating dust on job sites require wetting haul paths which in turn creates mud on trucks leaving the sites. In past years the go to solution was laying 3" ballast at the exit and street sweeping the roads after the trucks bring large amounts of mud on to them.

Wheel Washes are commonly referred to as Tire Washes because technically the tires need the cleaning. The Portable STB 30 Tire Wash has recycled water, 30 Hp of Power and is fully automatic. They install in one day and remove in 60 minutes. They are warranted for 5 Years and are always in stock. The Tire Wash has an option of flocking the water with polymer that clears the tire wash water and an automatic scraper-conveyor that removes and ejects collected mud out of the Tire Wash System.

See our "Installation Guide", pictures and a power point and also a video of our Tire Wash Systems on this page. This Portable Tire Wash Page is designed so you don't need to leave this page to get a full understanding of the Portable STB 30 Tire Wash.

Utilities required are 230 or 460 volt – 3 Phase service and a garden hose . Tire Washes can be set up for single phase electric sources and also no electric sources. In this case, the Tire Wash can be outfitted with a common job site generator. The garden hose attaches to an auto fill valve on the Tire Wash System and replaces water to the holding tank automatically. The water curtain, which is how high the water rises up from the floor spray jets is adjustable. It can be set for 3' high to 18' high.

Portable Tire Wash Pictures

See the STB 30 wheel wash system setup in different locations

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Tire Wash Videos

Watch the STB 30 wheel wash system setup in action

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Don't forget our Portable Tire Wash comes with a 5 year warranty and installs in only one day!

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