Tire Wash and Wheel Wash Systems Manufacturing Facility

Stanton Systems is a tire and wheel wash system manufacturing facility that creates innovative ways to keep construction and work sites clean. By removing all dirt and mud from the tires and undercarriage of trucks before they leave the site, construction managers can keep sites and vehicles clean, and ensure high worksite standards that satisfy owners, adjacent landowners, subcontractors, and inspectors.

For large projects with busy vehicle traffic, tracking dirt into and out of a work site can present a difficult problem over time. If not properly managed, this can become an unnecessary problem with avoidable consequences. Improvised methods to clean tires are undependable, and require additional manpower to perform the cleaning. While this may work for a short while, eventually it becomes too difficult and time consuming to employ this method. By using industrial truck tire wash systems at the beginning of a project, you are installing an automated system that saves time and establishes a reliable efficient solution.

The setup is easy. A simple excavation is all that’s required to install the reservoir and the high action nozzle assembly. A track is set up to receive the vehicles, and a sensor and an asphalt apron create an area for the vehicles to approach the industrial tire wash system. The sensor detects the vehicles, and the truck wash system is activated. A sustained, high powered spray washes the tires and the undercarriage, and the vehicle can enter the public road system ready to go.

A tire and wheel wash system manufacturing facility has also anticipated the need for portable tire wash systems for busy contractors that need to move the system from one work site to another. Stanton provides industrial tire wash systems for heavy duty large vehicles, and a portable tire wash solution for a system that can move with the crew. Take a look at your options and select a tire wash system that works with your needs.


Compare our systems

The Green Machine
5 horsepower
  • Lighty Dirty Construction Sites
  • Dust Removal
  • Decon Stations
STB 75
75 horsepower
  • Large Construction Sites
  • Medium Size Landfills
  • Medium Size Quarries
STB 100
100 horsepower
  • Large Landfills
  • Large Quarries
  • Mining Sites

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Don't forget our Portable Tire Wash comes with a 5 year warranty and installs in only one day!

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