Wheel Wash Systems

Wheel Wash Systems

Stanton Systems is the originator and pioneer of the automatic Wheel Wash in America.

We began our manufacturing of wheel wash systems in 1986. The first wheel wash was located in a landfill in Pennsylvania made out of concrete, a lot of steel grating and a lot of custom-designed spray jets. This particular landfill had trucks with mud on the tires that were up to 2 inches thick and posed an enormous challenge to the operators of the landfill.

The operators of the landfill tried numerous ways of getting the mud off of the trucks automatically and came up short each time. There was no other means or manufacturer to solve this problem, so Stanton Systems took it upon itself to begin designing wheel washers and tire washers in America.

The first wheel wash was 40 feet long and was powered by two 30 hp pumps. The system washed between 150 to 250 very muddy trucks. There was so much mud on the tires, the trail of mud would extend almost up to a mile past the scale house at the landfill. This was not only a very unsafe condition but a very unsightly mess. There was mud all over the vegetation driving out all along the sides of the roadways, all in the bushes and dust covered every house along this road. This unsightly mess needed a wheel wash very badly, because this condition existed for several years prior to us solving it.

Our next application for a wheel wash was at a quarry in Maryland that washed up to 1200 trucks a day. This quarry supplied much of the stone for all of the construction in Washington DC and the operators at this quarry spent five years trying to solve and create their own wheel wash. Nearly $1 million was spent without solving the problem. They were being threatened of being shut down, which would've been a catastrophe for the construction companies in the area. We installed a 60 foot long wash rated at 250 hp, which lasted 21 years. This was an example of another site that needed a wheel wash to keep its operations profitable.

From these first two installations of wheel washes, it was apparent to us that there would be more of these needs throughout the country. And that is when we began aggressively marketing and installing successful wheel washes in all 50 states. Today, our wheel washes wash in the neighborhood of 15 to 18 million trucks a year.


Compare our systems

The Green Machine
5 horsepower
  • Lighty Dirty Construction Sites
  • Dust Removal
  • Decon Stations
STB 75
75 horsepower
  • Large Construction Sites
  • Medium Size Landfills
  • Medium Size Quarries
STB 100
100 horsepower
  • Large Landfills
  • Large Quarries
  • Mining Sites

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Don't forget our Portable Tire Wash comes with a 5 year warranty and installs in only one day!

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