Wheel Wash Systems

Wheel Wash Systems

Durable and built strong, truck wheel wash systems from Stanton Systems are sure to remove all of the unwanted dirt from the tires of your truck. It’s easy to find a car wash tire and wheel application, but it is always a task to find an application for truck wheel wash units. At Stanton Systems we understand how important it is to maintain your trucks’ tires. Serving the same purpose as a car wash tire wheel application, but for trucks, our wheel wash system is sure to leave your trucks in the manner you desire.

Stanton Systems specializes in automobile wash tire and wheel application.

There are a great number of transfer stations that require wheel wash, because if any truck neglects to remove dirt, gravel, clay, coal, sand etc., before entering a public road, it can become a danger to other drivers. With a pressure wash wheel system, cleaning your trucks’ tires can be a simple and continuous process, because each one of our tire washes are designed for years of use and are easy to use. All tire wash systems by Stanton Systems come with a 5-year warranty to assure the reliability of our product. Also, our Wheel Wash can serve as a performance booster in your company, because it is no longer necessary to spend time manually cleaning the tires of your trucks. We provide a variety of solutions to meet all of your wheel truck wash needs. Our tire washes include, but are not limited to, permanent concrete, steel modular, and military tank applications.

Similar to a car wash tire wheel application, the Stanton System’s Wash Wheel application is designed to automatically clean the lower part of your trucks.

Depending on the type of vehicle, Stanton Systems can help you maintain your truck whether it is for site work, concrete or paving, mechanical or electrical work. In 1987 Stanton Systems built it’s first Tire Wash and placed it in service at a local landfill. Up to this point, landfills and quarries had their own make shift tire washes installed with limited success. Now, a leader of industrial Wash Systems, Stanton Systems has installed more Tire Wash and Wheel Wash Systems in America than any other U.S. manufacturer. Collectively washing almost 12 million trucks a year in America, Stanton Tire Wash Systems is the only manufacturing company in America that can guarantee that it’s Tire Wash and Wheel Wash Systems can remove all mud from moving trucks.

Rely on Stanton Systems to eliminate all the mud from your truck and contact us today for more information.


Compare our systems

The Green Machine
5 horsepower
  • Lighty Dirty Construction Sites
  • Dust Removal
  • Decon Stations
STB 75
75 horsepower
  • Large Construction Sites
  • Medium Size Landfills
  • Medium Size Quarries
STB 100
100 horsepower
  • Large Landfills
  • Large Quarries
  • Mining Sites

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Don't forget our Portable Tire Wash comes with a 5 year warranty and installs in only one day!

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